With great pleasure, we inform you that on May 10, the international auditor DQS conducted an ISO 9001 certification audit in SPED PARTNER, which confirmed the company’s compliance wISO DQS1ith the ISO quality system requirements. The successful certification testified to the high standards functioning already in the company for many years, as evidenced by the DQS opinion, which evaluated the company’s management system as coherent, efficient and above average. ISO 9001 is a standard recognized and accepted all over the world, therefore, the certificate of conformity was to be above all a confirmation of the high quality of processes and services provided to our customers. The values we benefited from ISO are mainly the organization of matters, their systematization, more efficient use of our capabilities and potentials, effects of branding, increase in customer trust and our competitiveness. https://www.mydqs.com/en/customers/customer-database.html?aoemydqs%5Bcompany_no%5D=30950104&aoemydqs%5Baction%5D=singleView&cHash=bb363902cdd423adb27d1b0df51812bf