SPED PARTNER Sp.zo.o. specializes in rendering transport and forwarding services in the scope of national and international carriage in canvas semi-trailers, as well as in transport of non-packaged bulk goods.

The guarantee of our success and the key value for the development of our company and our cooperating carriers is the fully satisfied customer.

The main priorities in our quality policy include:cert ga

  • ensuring load safety,
  • reliability and timeliness,
  • competitiveness.

When accepting the order, we take full responsibility for goods, from the moment of the release to the moment of the delivery. Our company, as well as our cooperating carriers, have comprehensive civil liability insurance for carriers and forwards, which - in combination with the internal procedures and systems of monitoring cargo, provide 100% safety guarantee.
In order to ensure reliability and timeliness of our services, we undertake the following activities:

  • efficient work organization, development of processes and systems of communication with customers and cooperating carriers, ensuring fast flow of information,
  • constant monitoring of the quality of our customers' orders completion, allowing for fact reaction and improvement of current cooperation, as well as enabling early identification of customer needs and expectationsISO SpedP certyfikat 2016

  • partner-like approach to the cooperating carriers, both contractual and spot ones, realized mainly via professional forwarding assistance and timely execution of payments
  • implementation of updated technical and technological solutions, such as tracking& tracing
  • constant development of qualifications by our employees
  • maintaining friendly atmosphere and team work among our employees, reinforcing their commitment, loyalty and identification with the company.

We understand the competitiveness of the offered services as the individual approach to every customer and constant maintenance of the ability to fulfil customer needs and requirements efficiently. In creating our competitiveness we stress, first and foremost, the assurance of safety and high quality of rendered services, and the price is the result of the calculation allowing for keeping the agreed terms and conditions. Of course, in all cases we observe the internal standards and procedures, based on the compliance with legal regulations.
The guarantee of fulfilling the objectives is the awareness of the Board and employees of the company concerning the necessity of continual development of all processes aimed at achieving our customers and carriers satisfaction.

With great pleasure, we inform you that on May 10 2016, the international auditor DQS conducted an ISO 9001 certification audit in SPED PARTNER, which confirmed the company’s compliance with the ISO quality system requirements. The successful certification testified to the high standards functioning already in the company for many years, as evidenced by the DQS opinion, which evaluated the company’s management system as coherent, efficient and above average. ISO 9001 is a standard recognized and accepted all over the world, therefore, the certificate of conformity was to be above all a confirmation of the high quality of processes and services provided to our customers. The values we benefited from ISO are mainly the organization of matters, their systematization, more efficient use of our capabilities and potentials, effects of branding, increase in customer trust and our competitiveness.