In May results of the TOP 1500 TSL ranking were announced. It is an exceptional research program run by the Eurologistics Publishing House and Data Group Consulting, wtich allows the selection of transport companies which stand out in the field of financial effectiveness. In this edition of the above mentioned ranking SPED PARTNER ranked highly at 42 position among companies with the highest income and 115 position among the most effective companies (data from the 2014). top1500 2016
It is a very good result and a significant advance within the last several years (last year SPED PARTNER ranked 205, and two years ago – 316).
The prepared ranking is a comprehensive assessment of operations of more than one thousand companies from the transport industry based on generally available financial data. The selected method of presenting data from companies’ statements aims at indicating whether the company operating within a particular segment of the market reached under given conditions what was there to be reached. Selecting the best companies within the industry and comparing all companies was conducted based on a set of key indices describing profitability, financing, efficiency in using resources and financial liquidity.