SPED PARTNER Sp.zo.o. welcomes all national and international carriers with road tractors and semi-trailers (tautliner) for cooperation.


We are the only operator of Atlas Group- the leader in construction chemistry branch. We service the contractors of other branches, first and foremost, construction, steel, food and finished-goods branches. Thanks to the extensive network of customers we can plan routes to our subcontractors in the so-called "circles" or organize transport depending on the needs of a carrier (for instance, local transport, flat-rate transport, return from specific location). Payment terms and rates are flexible, depending on the mode of cooperation and the number of combinations provided for our disposal.

We offer:

  • permanent employment
  • competitive rates
  • guaranteed monthly developments
  • timely and fast payments

You are welcome to cooperate with us.

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Acquiring new Carriers

Kamil Gembicki

+48 693 950 377