szkolenie 2015

On the 14th of November the SPED PARTNER company organized the third edition of the training session called “Loading/ unloading and transport cleanliness of loose materials principles abiding – the guarantee of an undistorted supply chain”. Over one hundred of the participants of the course were of the representatives of transport companies, the Sped Partner subcontractors, operating within the field of loose material transport. The main idea of the Sped Partner company whilst organizing training sessions like this one was the thesis that the basis for ensuring the high quality services are on the one hand the awareness of the risks, and on the other hand the ability to predict and prevent  any of them before they may arise. The training session included interesting industrial presentation panels for the Sponsors: MAN (tractors), Kögel (semitrailers, tipper lorries), Spitzer (silo semi-trailers) and Continental (tyres).