During the ceremonial gala in Expo XII in Warsaw, SPED PARTNER was awarded by the Polish Chamber of Commfp 2014erce with the title and the certificate "FAIR PLAY Enterprise 2014." This is the exceptional distinction, proving the highest ethical standards and reliability of the company in all economic, legal and social relations: with customers, cooperating entities, employees and local community, national authorities and self-governments. "FAIR PLAY Enterprise", according to the research carried out by TNS OBOP, is the most recognized certificate of reliability in Poland. This is also the award very much praised by economic operators, as it indicates the credibility of laureates and builds trust for them. SPED PARTNER is the newcomer in the group of "FAIR PLAY" companies, and the sister-company from ATLAS Group- IZOHAN, can be called the professor of FAIR PLAY in business, which was the laureate of the program for the .....15th time, and obtained the special distinction during the same gala- the Diamond Statue of "FAIR PLAY Enterprise".